If you are looking for the best, then you have certainly found it. Carseat is owned and managed by Harry Oughourlian, who has accumulated 25 years of automotive experience in Los Angeles and 20+ years in Dubai and is known as one of the top car leather interior upholsterers in the world. Renowned for his work since the 1970s, Harry has worked his magic on cars from classic car collectors in Europe, USA and the Middle East, to the pride and joy of some of the richest people in the world where only the best will do. Harry won multiple car show prizes and worked on some of the most famous cars in the world and, still to this day, are being used by people like Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld to name a few. Harry has worked on cars for other celebrities such as Hugh Hefner and on most of the VIP cars for the Royal families of the UAE and successfully completed more than 3000 cars for Toyota. Now with a factory in Dubai, Harry has a long track record to prove that he is the best in the business, with only using the top grade pure Italian leather sourced from the same company that provides Ferrari, Bentley and Rolls Royce their leather and you can be assured that the quality and workmanship will be the finest quality at the most affordable prices with guarantee.

Carseat was one of the first automotive leather upholstery factories in Dubai working on some of the most exotic cars together with everyday rides. Whether you own a Ferrari, Toyota, BMW, Volks Wagen or a Rolls Royce, we offer the most professional leather interiors that comes with quality, duribility and style that lasts at least 10 years and helps you stay comfortable. We are currently specialized in most Land Rovers, Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Toyota and Lamborghini, howerver there is no vehicle we cannot do! From seats, seat inserts, head liners, door inserts, etc. The best way to find what you need is to bring your ride straight to the factory to get a detailed review of how we can serve your needs. Call for our location map.

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